Ear Seed Kits for Acupressure


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is a microsystem of your whole body with hundreds of acupressure points ready to transform body + mind. Ear seeds are tiny beads placed on one of your ear's acupressure points. An easy and needle-free way to empower your health daily and the ultimate feel-good bling.

Kit Includes:

20 Gold Ear Seeds*
20 Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds*
Gold WTHN tweezers
A “How To” Map of 10 points to apply the seeds

Use tweezer to peel ear seed off the strip. Place seed on same point on both ears. Points can be combined as needed depending on desired results (see insider tips for supercharge combos). Press gently to secure seed to ear. Press seed throughout course of wearing them for an extra boost / activation. Remove after 3-5 days.

WTHNsider Tips:
Combining stress + hormone balance points is amazing for stress-relief Digestion + detox points together are an incredible duo for tackling digestion issues


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