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Meet The Press Eyeshadow Pods


Whether you’re heading out to work or getting ready to hit the town, these high-performing, long lasting natural pressed eyeshadows will draw the eyes of others to you. Available in 10 gorgeous natural colors, which run from soft white, through to a stunning blue, our eyeshadows also care for the delicate skin around your eyes, thanks to an infusion of replenishing supercritical extracts of calendula and pomegranate, as well as hydrating organic castor seed oil. The very best in natural eye makeup, they’ll help put you where you belong, on the front page of your own story!

-Pomegranate and calendula supercritical extracts help keep the delicate skin around the eye in great condition.
-The organic cream base helps keep the skin around the eyes moisturized and in great condition.
-Vegan and cruelty free. Always.
-Lots of organics. Free of nasty stuff.
-Recyclable packaging.
-One product, one tree. Mother Nature looks after you, you look after Mother Nature. That’s symbiosis, right there.

NOTE This is a Pod, the Pots are sold separately. This is why-

Our pod refill system is part of the shift towards a new kind of beauty. It not only gives you great flexibility when it comes to your beauty routine (and beauty should never be hard, it should be fun!), it’s also super-sustainable. That’s because, with our refill system, you never have to throw away your palette or pot. Instead, all you need to do is pop out your old pod and pop in the new.

Simple to use? Yep. Good for the planet? You bet. Sustainable? Flexible? In keeping with our times? Tick, tick and tick. If you’re yet to give our refill system a whirl, then now’s the time. Because it’s beautiful. It really is.


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