Tulip Dew Drops


This water-based serum instantly absorbs into skin to provide deep hydration and protection against free radicals and pollution. With just a few drops, this flowering skincare formula enriched with Vitamin B3 (55), C, D & E along with Squalane, helps to improve uneven skintone and texture while delivering an instantly brighter, all-day dewy glow.


Bloomeffects Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex -   rich in antioxidants, natural moisturizing factors, and amino acids for softer, smoother and glowingly hydrated skin

Squalane 5% -   Exceptional moisturizer already present in our skin’s lipid barrier proven to improve skin's roughness by 28% and reduce appearance of wrinkles by 51%.

Chinese Root Blend 3% -   Herbal blend of roots sourced from plants used in traditional Chinese medicine, works to reduce signs of aging and boost skin’s radiance. Clinically shown to reduce pigmentation spot size by 5.3% and intensity by 8.9%.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 2% -   Highly effective in balancing skin, improving texture, and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier.

Kakadu Plum (Vitamin C) 2% -   This native Australian fruit is nature’s richest source of Vitamin C and provides anti-aging, hydrating and skin-smoothing benefits. Clinically shown to boost skin’s radiance by 17%.

Prebiotic Hydration Complex 1.5% -   Patented complex which uses prebiotic technology to strengthen skin and increase lipid & protein production to boost hydration.


Vitamin E -   Helps heal, hydrate and protect the skin barrier against free radicals and environmental damage.

Vitamin D3 -   Contains anti-inflammatory properties to fight off free radical and environmental damage while preventing the breakdown of essential skin lipids to aid in skin’s repair and growth.

Sugar Beet Extract -   Bio-based amino acid derivative which uses osmoprotectant technology to protect skin from environmental damage and dehydration by controlling cell water balance. Works to tighten junctions in the epidermal barrier to moisturize and protect skin.

Hydrolyzed-Hyaluronic Acid -   A powerful natural humectant and enhanced form of hyaluronic acid with a smaller molecule which allows for improved absorption and hydration.

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